May 28, 2024

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Transparent Roofing: Glass

Want to make your home, porch, play area, or garage even more enjoyable using shingles and tar paper? A good alternative is to use a transparent cover, glass or polycarbonate, instead of investing in an ordinary cover. The transparent roof in outdoor areas creates a fantastic effect! Imagine how nice it is to watch a starry night comfortably or see the sky through your glass ceiling on the sofa in your living room. This is just one of the advantages of this type of coverage! Check below the advantages and disadvantages of glass and polycarbonate roofing and choose the most suitable for your project.

Ceiling Glass

Glass roofs are perfect for closing environments, balconies, roofs, garages, winter gardens, or pool areas. The most used glasses in this type of installation are laminated and tempered glass, as they are more resistant and durable. For this, the glasses need to be at least 5 + 5 mm. Most of the time, the finishes of these glass roofs are made with stainless steel parts or aluminum frames, providing a lighter and more elegant appearance for the environment. Installing a glass roof is usually similar in cost to a conventional roof, as it uses the same type of structure and labor.

Advantages Of Glass Ceiling

  • Decrease in energy consumption, since the lighting provided to the environment, is natural, coming from the sun’s rays;
  • Variety of colors and types of glass that can be chosen, thus making each space unique;
  • Better visibility resulting from the transparency of the glass;
  • Space expansion idea. This is because the glass, and its breadth in the view, create an illusion that the room is more significant.

Drawbacks Of The Glass Ceiling

One of the main problems in glass roofing is the lack of water tightness caused by poorly applied sealants.

Although beautiful, glass roofs may not be the best option depending on where the home is located. Because they retain more heat, they can make the place much warmer in hot climates than if the roof was made of another material, for example.

Which One To Choose?

Here there is no right or wrong, and the important thing is in the comparison to see which one suits you and your project the most. You must always opt for protection and repair of the roof.