April 25, 2024

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A Few Things to Consider While Sending Your Carpets for Professional Cleaning Service  

Even your most expensive carpet can be the dirtiest household item in your home. Will you believe it? Most of them are filled with dander, dead skin cells, insect faeces, fungi, bacteria, etc. Probably, you may wonder how it can happen when regularly you are vacuuming your carpet.

You need to understand, vacuuming alone may not be good enough to eliminate various germs and many other contaminant. It can just remove dust and dirt from its surface and may leave all those that remain embedded inside.

In case, you are not sure when should you send this expensive furnishing item for a thorough carpet cleaning service, then look for the following few signs. In Singapore, you can find quite a few excellent professional carpet cleaners from the website of Homees.co.

  1. There is a foul smell

Whenever you walk into your home from outside and get a foul smell, it is very likely that the smell coming out of the fabric. You may remove the trash present in your home and if the smell persists then it is confirmed that the sheet of fabric is culprit.

  1. Allergies of your family are back

During the winter, if all members of your family are feeling stuffy and sniffy, then again you must suspect something else.

Pollen,dead skin, insect particles, pet dander and much other environmental debris may slowly accumulate on the floors, making allergens thrive just under your feet.

  1. Stains everywhere

Spilling any drinks can happen howsoever careful you may be. The longer your stains remain on the carpet, the harder will it get to remove them and if there are too many of such stains appearing on your expensive fabric, you must get it professionally cleaned.

  1. You don’t remember when you cleaned last

If you fail to remember when the last time it was sent for professional cleaning, then perhaps it is the right time to send it for professional cleaning.

You must schedule regular professional cleanings after every 12 -48 months for avoiding allergies, foul smells and unnecessary deterioration.

  1. You forgot the original colour of your carpet

In case you are wondering what the original colour it was when you brought it into your home. Quite possibly you must have noticed a new one in the market and remember it.

If that is the condition, then it needs immediate professional cleaning service

  1. You often walk on the carpet with shoes

If your family member or any of your guests often walk on the carpet with their shoes then sooner than later it will accumulate lots of dirt and debris from the shoes.

You may not perhaps notice them, but it will show up many signs that we mentioned above.

  1. You get a bad feeling while looking at your carpet

When you come back home after spending your holiday for a week outside and notice that by looking at your carpet it gives a very bad feeling. Perhaps you stayed in an expensive hotel where the rugs were in very good condition.

In such a situation,it needs a thorough professional cleaning.

  1. It has lost its shine

If it is not regularly cleaned and maintained properly then soon it may lose the original shine that it had when you bought it into your home. There is a need for regular vacuuming.

Nothing is lost yet. You may restore its original new look after getting it thoroughly cleaned professionally.

  1. Carpet looks rougher

Try to run your hand just over your carpet, if you feel the rug is quite rough than usual then it must be too dirty, though apparently, it may not look so.  Any dirty carpet will usually feel rougher and vacuuming cannot restore it.

  1. Notice mould or mildew

If your carpet was ever in damp condition or possibly you may not have cleaned the food spill properly, then mould and mildew can develop.

This will affect the quality of air in your home and you may feel difficulties in breathing.

Contact any nearby professional carpet cleaner once you notice any of the above signs in your carpet.