July 14, 2024

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7 Easy Ways To Wear Sneakers With Denim

Denim can go with any outfit, yet it is still tricky to blend in perfectly. Besides, mix and matching sneakers would be better if you know how to wear them with the right outfits. So, how can you enhance your sneakers like Yeezy 350 Synth Reflective with denim?

Check out the simple ways on how you can wear sneakers with your denim clothes.

How to pair it up with jeans?

  1. Wear Ankle length jeans

It is one of the tested tips that work for everyone who wants to combine the lookIf the jeans are long, cuff them or chop them. An ankle gap of 1-3″ is ideal. 

  1. Ditch the athletic sneakers

Athletic sneakers are the ones that are challenging to pair up with. If you are not confident about it, it is better to stay away from them altogether. It looks frumpy if not paired up well. Instead, buy a low-cut sneaker or select something that can go well with your everyday look.

  1.    Wear a sneaker with almond-shaped toes

An almond-shaped toe is pointed and has a round end. It is contemporary and provides exaggerated comfort. However, round toes sneakers can lend you a squatty look, even if your legs are tall.

  1.    Kick off the socks, or at least don’t show them off

It is challenging to follow the rule if you are a fan of sneakers. Either you can buy low rider socks that show off your feet while covering the toes.

  1. Don’t buy sneakers with a short sole

A sneaker with a short sole looks endearing, but it might give you a flat look. So instead, select sneakers with a length. You don’t require a platform sneaker, but the one that will lift you a little up so that you don’t feel squatty.

  1. Buy a low cut sneaker

A low-cut sneaker is the easiest to style. High-top sneakers don’t lend you a chic look, and it isn’t easy to pair up without hemming the jeans. Search the sneakers that show your ankle bone.

  1. Go for solid colors or a classic look

The solid color sneakers or classic stripes go well with most of the jeans. They are super comfortable and will up your everyday look. You can even go for a retro vibe.

Wrap Up

If you are not aware of fashion games but want to look quirky and flamboyant, look at these rules. It is tricky to combine jeans and sneakers to get a fun and casual look.

The article answers your questions—welcome Yeezy 350 Synth Reflective sneakers to your shoe collection. So, get these kicks now at HYB and witness how you can smoothly pair sneakers with denim.