Print & Web Design Portfolio

Work by Parimal Satyal

I'm a visual designer working primarily with print and web media. I also dabble in UI design and wireframing for mobile applications.

Below, a selection of design projects I've worked on in the past:

What's Shakin' in Dakin

A calendar of events at Hampshire College set in Helvetica Neue variants, inspired by Müller-Brockmann. Project details ›

Shake & Bake

Informative poster for a Shakespeare and baking student group at Hampshire College. Project details ›

Cooking Unicorns Outside

Event poster for a community-building Residence Life program at Hampshire College. Project details ›

Hampshire History Month

A two-tone event poster for set in Helvetica Neue for a Residence Life event at Hampshire College. Project details ›

Web Design

Lemelson Center

A full-featured dynamic website for Hampshire College's design center, built from scratch on WordPress. Project details › Go to website ›


A minimalist design for a collaborative guide to Paris for study-abroad students. Plain HTML and CSS. Project details › Go to website ›

Reality Cardboard

The older version of this website, a custom-built WordPress theme based largely on the Helvetica Neue typeface. Project details ›

Le Gôuter Français

A microsite for a weekly gathering I organized at Hampshire College for French speakers on campus. Project details ›